What is Clin?
Clin is a shoe cleaning and protection brand design specifically for cleaning and protecting your shoes in an easy, quick and safe way whitout the need to put them in the washing machine or using abrasive products and chemicals.
How do I use Clin?
The cleaner removes quickly all tipes of dirt from the shoes thanks to its valve, reducing waste when applying on your shoes. Foam generation has the right ammont, since it's how much you need to remove dirt when you wipe.
Can I use Clin on any type of shoe?
Yes, Clin can be used on any type of shoe: nubuck, fleshles leather, sailcloth, fabric, suede.
Can I use Clin on Sport Shoes?
Yes, of course. Clin works on any kind of sports shoe.
How many washes yields a bottle of Clin?
The 80ml bottle yields over 20 uses.
If I use Clin every day, will it cause any damage to my shoes?
No, thanks to its neutral pH, it doesn't cause any type of damage if you use it everyday.
Do you sell online? Where can I find Clin?
You can only get Clin in our partner points of sale. You can find your stores in our store locator.
I own a store and want to offer your products. How can I do that?